Did you know that 80% of vision problems worldwide are avoidable and even curable? You would not think of it, but eyesight is oftentimes taken for granted. This is because eyesight is usually forgotten about until a problem arises and you have to see your optometrist. Below is a list of 12 simple tips to maintain healthy eyesight.

  1. Wear Your Shades: On bright sunny days or even cloudy days, it is recommended that you wear your sunglasses whenever you are outside. Sunglasses help protect your eyes against ultraviolet rays and prevent cataracts, cornea burns and eyelid cancer. Choose a pair of sunglasses that mostly blocks out UV-A and UV-B rays.
  2. Don’t Smoke: If you do not smoke, great! If you do however smoke, you should consider quitting because it is bad for your body as well as your eyes. Smoking can cause an abundance of health complications, but it can also cause eye problems. This includes cataracts, optic nerve damage, dry eyes, and age-related macular degeneration which can all lead to blindness.
  3. Eat Right to See Right: A well-balanced diet with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids; zinc, vitamins C and E, and lutein will help forestall future eye problems. Foods that will help you include: collard greens, kale, spinach, tuna, salmon, oysters, eggs, nuts, oranges, and pork.
  4. Just Steep It: Green tea is beneficial in so many ways. This type of tea is hydrating which helps produce tears and is full of antioxidants to help prevent cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.
  5. Get Moving: Overall, exercising has a lot of advantages. By exercising, it helps your blood circulation which allows your eyes to receive the right amount of oxygen and reduce toxins.
  6. When The Scale Matters: With exercising and eating a well-balanced diet, it is vital to maintain a healthy weight for your body and eyes. There is an increase of developing diabetes as well as various conditions that can lead to glaucoma, diabetic eye disease or even vision loss.
  7. Safety First: Using appropriate eye protection for any physical activity is important. Individuals who play sports should wear the proper helmets or goggles pertaining to that particular sport so that the chance of an eye injury decreases. For individuals who are in the labor workforce or are a tradesman should protect their eyes by using the right equipment as well as safety goggles to avoid shrapnel or debris from getting into their eyes.
  8. Contact Lens Care: Wear your contacts as prescribed by your doctor. Do not wear them more than the recommended amount of time. Additionally, do not sleep with your contacts in because it hinders your eyes from receiving the right oxygen levels while you are sleeping. ONLY use eye contact solution and store your contacts in a contact lens case. Make sure you change your contact lens case once a month to avoid bacterial contamination.
  9. It’s In The Genes: Before going to your eye appointment, it is important to talk with your family about their eye health history. It is imperative to know if any immediate relative has been diagnosed with a disease or condition because it could be hereditary. Likewise, it is for your benefit to know if you are susceptible to certain types of diseases or conditions so you can seek the right kind of medical treatment by your optometrist.
  10. Give It A Rest: In today’s society, it is completely normal to be looking at any type of screen throughout the day. On average, Americans devote more than 10 hours to screen time. Regardless if it is for work or entertainment, looking at a screen for too long can cause eyestrain, blurry vision, dry eyes, headaches or even neck, back and shoulder pain. As a rule of thumb to fight eyestrain, it is best to use the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
  11. Eye Makeup Care:  You should not keep make up for more than three months. Bacteria can easily grow in liquid and creamy makeup. Furthermore, clean your eye makeup brushes often and do not share makeup or makeup brushes with anyone, especially if they have had any recent eye infections.
  12. Make An Appointment: Last but certainly not least, schedule your yearly eye exam. That way, you can stay up-to-date with your latest prescription and seek the help you need if you are having any problems with your eyes. Call to schedule your appointment today at Good Looks Eyewear!

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