We are one of the top Clinical Research Sites in the world for new ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and devices. Many new, cutting-edge techniques undergoing FDA approval are tested in our offices. Five to ten clinical studies are performed each year. Our patients have the opportunity to be compensated for their study participation and save on costly medications while benefiting from important and innovative research for eye health and wellness. Regardless of whether or not they choose to participate in research, our patients have access to advanced treatment plans based on new and improved pharmaceuticals and devices.

Once techniques are approved by the FDA and released on the market, Scott & Christie and Associates has an advantage over other practices because of its familiarity with the medications and techniques from these clinical trials.

Interested in participating in a Clinical Research Study?

If you have itchy watery eyes, you may qualify for an eye allergy study! We are looking for volunteers with allergies to participate in a study. Complete 4 office visits over 3-9 weeks and you may be compensated up to $375. Call (724) 772-5420 for more information!

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