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Patient Care on the Forefront of Technology

Today, eye care research and technology are constantly evolving. In Western Pennsylvania, Scott and Christie Eyecare Associates continues to set new standards in eye care through its commitment to delivering current technology advancements to not only support medical problems of the eye, but by also using technology to deliver a better quality of life for its patients.

As one of the region’s most innovative and experienced eye physician and surgeon groups, the team at Scott and Christie Eyecare Associates offers innovative medical treatments with state-of-the-art ocular diagnostics. More importantly, notes William Christie, MD, cataract surgeon in the practice, “it can also provide the most recent technology to increase a patients quality of life.”

“Our patients tell us they appreciate the time our experienced doctors and staff spend with them explaining their various options and opportunities for attaining better vision leading in an increased quality life,” says Dr. Christie.

For example, Dr. Christie and his team is one of the first eyecare practices in the region to deliver cataract laser technology for any patients undergoing cataract surgery with the CATALYS Precision Laser System– the new standard in precision cataract surgery. The surgery, performed at the practice’s ambulatory surgery center in Cranberry, lasts less than 15 minutes and is nearly painless, with little downtime.

Traditionally, cataract surgery resulted in a patient only having access to a single vision lens, providing only good distance vision. This resulted in most patients still needing glasses for reading and viewing objects close up. It also left patients with astigmatism since the surgery didn’t correct this. However, with the introduction of CATALYS laser technology and Multifocal Implant Lenses, it revolutionized how patients experience vision after cataract surgery. With Cataract Laser Surgery many key steps of the procedure that were manually performed can be completed with precision using the laser, leading to a customized vision treatment and a more gentle procedure.

“With Multifocal Lens Technology patients can have a full range of vision, reducing the dependency or eliminating eye glasses after surgery,” explains Dr. Christie. “Combining both technologies, patients experience optimum vision results. With these new technologies, we can even provide patients with multi-focal technology for a full range of vision, before the development of cataracts, providing patients with better vision earlier in their life.”

Selecting a skilled surgeon to provide these options to patients is important, says Jeffrey Rihn, the practice’s chief financial officer. With ten years of Cataract Multi-focal Implant technology experience, Rihn says now all eye physician practices can deliver this cutting edge technology to patients. Dr. Christie has personally performed over 28,000 cataract procedures awhile his colleague, Daniel Zimmer, MD, has performed over 25,000 LASIK procedures.

“Experience like this delivers a safe, comfortable and quick surgical experience,” says Rihn. “Selecting a medical practice that can provide these options and more importantly, explain these options, is critical.”

As a partly covered medical procedure, Rihn stresses these patients should not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a fine tuned, full range of vision. Because cataract surgery only occurs one time in a patient’s life, it’s important for cataract patients to be educated about this technology and more importantly to know they options.

Maintaining offices in Fox Chapel Plaza and Cranberry, Scott and Christie Eyecare Associates provides ample free parking and accessibility along main highways and bus routes. Comfortable offices and its friendly staff helps make your time with them a pleasurable experience.

“Our experienced staff provides exceptional ophthalmic services and individuals who can truly answer any patient’s questions and provide follow-up care as needed,” says Dr. Christie. “We believe in continually evolving as a company in order to serve our patients’ needs by providing them with higher levels of patient care, comfortable offices, and convenient locations.”

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