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Halloween should be an enjoyable and fun time for individuals of all ages, especially children because they love trick-or-treating and dressing up as their favorite character for the night. However, this magical night can turn into a chilling horror story in the blink of an eye all because of something that could have been prevented. Every year in the United States, hundreds of eye injuries are seen in emergency rooms because of costumes and other avoidable situations. Below is a list of 13 tips that will help you have a fun and safe Halloween night.

1.       Avoid costumes with floppy hats, masks, wigs and eye patches because these accessories block vision.

2.       Hats and scarves should be secured to stop them from falling onto your face.

3.       To prevent tripping or falling, do not wear costumes that drag on the ground

4.       If you wear a dark colored costume, attach a reflective strip on part of the costume so drivers are able to see you at night

5.       Use pointed props such as swords, spears and wands with caution because these accessories have the potential to harm children

6.       Use a flashlight to improve visibility while trick-or-treating

7.       Do not ride a bike, skateboard, or scooter or rollerblade while wearing a costume because there is a chance the costume could get caught in a wheel or pedal

8.       Depending on your neighborhood, try to trick-or-treat at dusk or in residential areas with well lit streetlights

9.       If your costume requires makeup, make sure you choose a hypoallergenic brand and remove it with a cold cream to avoid any eye irritations that make up may cause

10.   Do not use cosmetic contacts. Improper use of these lenses can cause serious eye issues. This includes bacterial infections, eye pain, swelling, light sensitivity, corneal scratches, corneal ulcerations, conjunctivitis, and even losing your eye sight permanently

11.   Never buy contacts without the proper prescription. Likewise, never share or borrow contacts with anyone

12.   Be vigilant when choosing or handing out lollipops because the sticks can cause eye injuries

13.   Be sure that your lawn, porch, steps and front door are well lit for the eager trick-or-treaters and free from any obstacles that could cause potential harm


Have a Happy Halloween night!

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