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PROBLEM – Presbyopia (difficulty with near vision focus), is expected around this age. It is inevitable to avoid. Also, be cautious of an increased risk of dry eye syndrome. If you work in front of a computer every day at this age, you also are susceptible to computer vision syndrome.

WHAT TO DO – It is very important to have a routine eye exam done at least twice a year (Contact us at Scott and Christie to make an appointment for a routine eye exam). It may also be a wise time to begin to explore vision correction options. Also, eating a healthy diet that focuses on omega – 3 fatty acids and antioxidants can help keep your eyes healthier for longer.

PROBLEM – At this age, the risks for cataracts and macular degeneration increase, the presbyopia becomes more advanced, and the risk of dry eye increases for women after menopause.

WHAT TO DO – Once again, it is very important to stay up to date on your routine eye exams. Be sure to inform your eye doctor of any medications you may be using, there are some that have side effects such as dry eye.

PROBLEM – The risk for cataracts, dry eye, and macular degeneration all increase. The ability to see in low lighting decreases around this age as well. Visual disturbances such as spots, flashes, and floaters may begin to happen as well.

WHAT TO DO – Besides just having routine eye exams, annual physicals are very important as well, they may identify underlying conditions such as diabetes which may in turn cause eye problems. If the low light visibility decreases, try using brighter lights for reading and allow more time to adjust to changing light. If you experience the visual disturbances, you should talk to your doctor immediately because this could also be a detached retina.

PROBLEM – At this age, cataracts most likely have already developed or will begin to develop. The color vision also begins to decline while the visual fields begin to narrow.

WHAT TO DO – Cataract surgery is the only option for correcting cataracts. Ask your eye doctor about eyewear that increases contrast vision. Be sure to use extra caution while driving.

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