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Time to Adjust:

When it is difficult to see at night, sometimes instead of thinking that you night vision is just not super sharp, take a second to think about what you just did and where you just came from. If you walk out of your brightly lit residence at night, before you begin to drive, give your eyes sometime to adjust to the darkness. It takes almost a full half hour for our eyes to adjust to the darkness.

Eye Protection:

What you do during the day can have an effect on the way you see at night. If you choose not to wear sunglasses on a bright sunny day, this may damage your vision for later on in the night. 10 Minutes of sunlight a day over the period of 10 days can leave you with a 50% reduction in your night vision. Be sure that you wear the appropriate sunglasses. Not all sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays. Polarized lenses in sunglasses will help protect your eyes from sun damage.

Red Lenses:

Using red tinted lenses can help improve your night vision. The rods in our eyes are not as sensitive to red. So if you wear red tinted lenses during the day, this will help your eyes prepare for night vision. Red tinted lenses filter out all other colors except for red, this helps trick your eyes into thinking that it is dark out, thus successfully preparing your eyes for night.

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